The Alps
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The Alps Series was photographed in April 2006 as part of an exchange with the Photography Departmenat at ECAL, Lausanne. For the viewers reference, I have inluded the proposal for this work below. - Marco Bohr

Critique of the Alps Proposal

My past photographic projects predominantly dealt with contemplation of the landscape. There, I am more interested in the people engulfed in the activity of seeing rather than what they are seeing. I therefore tend to photograph in popular places where grand landscapes and spectacular views are enabled by wide spaces or high vantage points. May it be observatories decks, beach promenades, airport lounges or mountaintops - the viewer is confronted with a panorama that is similarly exciting than it can be frightening.

The Alps maybe the quintessential destination to encounter such a grand scale panorama. In the proposed series of photographs, I wish to focus on the people who consume such views with the Alps as a slightly washed out backdrop to the spectacle of seeing. I attached two photographs I took in Kitzbuehel, Austria two months ago to exemplify my idea of the three planes of observation: the subject’s, the photographer’s and whoever looks at the photograph. I sincerely thank you for your time and interest.

Marco Bohr, 2006
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