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Saturday July 16, 2005

Marco Bohr - Lancaster

Quiet contemplation of nature - spring blossoms, the mist-shrouded Mount Fuji, the rocks in zen buddhist sand-gardens - is a centuries-old tradition of Japanese culture. Even in a high-speed, hi-tech metropolis such as Tokyo, most publicly accessible high-rises contain an area specially designed for simply soaking up the ambience and taking in the view. In Japanese-English these rooms, patios, platforms and balconies are called Observatories. Here the photo-artist Marco Bohr documents the phenomenon whereby the urban conurbations of Japan are infiltrated by oases or rural calm. With an excellent eye for compositional contemplation, he creates an almost spot-on aesthetic balance of planted trees, architectural choreography of light and leisure-time loners.

Folly Gallery, to Aug 27

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